"... recalls The Everly Brothers in their prime. Yes, the harmonies really are that good."

Robert Oermann, Music Row Magazine

Award Winning Canadian Singer Songwriters



Known for their tight-as-a-glove harmonies and heartfelt lyrics, The Laws have performed at folk, bluegrass and country festivals, theaters and listening rooms throughout North America and Australia.

John an Michele have been featured on CMT, Entertainment Tonight, as "rising stars" on the PBS series, Legends and Lyrics, and called the "best duo out of Canada since Ian and Sylvia". John and Michele have traveled over one million miles, played thousands of shows and continue to take their unique acoustic sound to new audiences around the world.


““John and Michele Law's songs seem to be the lost essence of country music which has now become so commercial and formulaic sounding.””

- Randy Bachman


“Their voices blend beautifully–John’s reedy, gritty tenor and Michele’s plaintive, alto drawl (you’ll hear some Emmylou lurking in there) – [making them] one of the most beautiful harmonic convergences in contemporary music.”  The Bluegrass Special, New York


"The Laws are one of the strongest concert acts in Canada. Flawless harmonies, sensational musicianship and exceptional audience rapport are all hallmarks of their live performances. Their songwriting skills are second to none."

- Bob Bale, Affinity Concerts, Sudbury, Ontario
"The couple’s classic folk sound, highlighted by their euphonic vocal harmonies, will be a sonic balm to anyone who longs for a return to simpler, more direct music making."
- SS, Vintage Guitar Magazine (Feb 01, 2011)